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Lest I Forget (Reaching Through The Time Vortex)

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Something I was reminded of the other day…
It was the mid to late 1980s. While girls around me were gawking over the pretty boys in Teen Beat, this is who made me feel all giddy (ok, I was gawking a little at those boys too ;):

I don’t remember how I first saw him. All the Ray Bradbury I had been reading a couple of years before probably had something to do with his appeal. Or maybe it was that third eye. Whatever. I thought he was beautiful. I think he was actually the first “older man” I had a crush on. I had forgetten about him for a while until 1996 when I read that he passed away. Some memories came back to me. It was also the same year Tupac, Ella and Gene Kelly moved on. I guess this is an anniversary of sorts for them all. And a reminder for me that there are still some pieces I need to pull over from back then. So here I am, thinking about the time in 1996 when I had been thinking about a period during the mid to late 1980s. What an interesting cycle of reminders and musings. I suppose that happens. It’s a way of keeping me connected to other times and parts of myself. Much like a tattoo would. Mike Wilson would’ve been around 54 this year.

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