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Friday, July 20th, 2007

From 1995…. and the 1st time in a public space. I wrote it with a Sharpie on coffee filters….in a frenzied, but straight stream-of-conscious-devil’s-work-of-pen…. cheesy or not…..No cross-outs, no re-writes…..line by line…just as it all fit onto the “pages”….round and unbound….now in a little turnaround…..


I spat & looked at the
spit that dripped from
the opening of my core,
there – I saw – what flowed
inside me – A degree of
grossness and wonder at the
same time – a correlation
of the mundane and
insane – the
profane – essence
of life – the wife of
the world – Nature that is
– a wizard of the
Earth – a birth of
freedom & – wisdom –
– chizdom of
an incision into
a fabricated, supposed
strengthened layer -a
barrier – of insecurity –
intrinsically manifested
out of fear – A false
ear – or
rather out
of existence –
a struggle for persistence
an insistence of
survival – – Fuck the
rival – because
the only one is

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